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Few topics are more important to health and well-being than community development and as Sustainable Stewards we believe it is our duty to take action. Through community development initiatives, access to clean water is possible. And by breaking the cycle, access to education, income and health becomes even more a reality, especially for women and children. Providing such resources enables these masses of voiceless citizens the ability to speak and foster change for themselves. 

To Provide A Voice To The Voiceless 

At Sustainable Steward, we believe it is vital that communities be built on the foundation of justice, equality, and respect in order to maintain a status of self sufficiency and resilience. We believe that within every community there is a wealth of knowledge and experience and that when used creatively, all will reap the benefit.  Sustainable Steward believes in changing the relationship between ordinary people and people in position of power so that  all parties are given equal opportunity  to take part in issues that affect their lives. We work alongside vulnerable communities  and fight for justice where no one else will. We provide the opportunity to communities to learn new and different skills  by enabling people to act together. In doing this, we foster a sense of social inclusion and equality among the community. 

 To Build Communities Based on Justice Equality and Respect

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How Do We Tackle Such Challenges

As Sustainable Stewards, we work closely with local experts as well as community members in working towards sustainable and self reliant systems. We focus on community development as a process where community members come together and take collective action to generate solutions to common economic, social, environmental and cultural challenges. At Sustainable Steward we believe that in finding solutions, it is vital we experience the community itself. We believe in living and asking questions first hand. We strongly believe that before you can truly understand the struggles such communities face, we must get out there and live among the people experiencing them ourselves. We believe only then will you really begin to understand what challenges the community is faced with. For those suffering in developing countries, community development at the local level can change everything.

We Work Hand in Hand With Local Communities 

At Sustainable Steward, we believe in creating solutions through problem based learning. We focus on the community's initial need at hand. We first evaluate and establish factors we know. We then focus on what factors we do not know. We compile any additional information and data needed and then execute research.  Through problem based learning, our staff  and volunteers set  an example in problem solving that empowers and educates the local population.  By introducing and utilizing problem based approaches throughout the community, locals are challenged to use problem solving techniques, self-directed learning strategies, team participation skills, and disciplinary knowledge, in reaching a solution.  At Sustainable Steward we believe this enhances the local community's ability to problem solve and improves their everyday critical thinking skills. 

We Utilize Problem Based Learning 

As Sustainable Stewards, we believe in organized project implementation. We do not believe in raising funds to send overseas to organizations and or individuals in need. We believe in going into those communities and getting to know the challenges first hand. We raise awareness and education internationally and then we link communities interested in social change with the drivers of change themselves, those  stuck in poverty  within the villages. At Sustainable Steward, we work hand in hand with locals in the community. We help finance, budget, and execute community change at the feet of those we aim to help, providing a hand and guidance when needed. But most importantly, we believe in working alongside every project implemented, seeing it through start to finish.  We believe in working hands on and in the field . ​

We Take Part In Project Implementation 

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