Ink Line

You can transform lives for families around the world. Every penny helps bring positive change to vulnerable communities in need.


Please make out all checks to ” Sustainable Steward" and mail to Sustainable Steward P.O. Box 12601  Beaumont, Texas 77726

Too often do individuals donate to a charity where their contribution becomes "invisible."

By this, we mean the donor has no clear understanding of how their money is being used or what percentage of their contribution is going directly to the cause. On a larger scale, funding can get lost in overhead spending or even worse, corruption.

We Thank You

We believe that as an individual donor you should know where 100% of your donation is going.

At Sustainable Steward, ALL of your money goes toward making a meaningful difference. And we are here to prove it. Once your donation is received, you’ll receive email updates with photos and stories regarding the project you are helping fund. These updates allow our donors the opportunity to witness the progress of each project all the way from start-up phase to finished project. Donors can rest assured that their contribution will help a specific community for years to come.

What happens when you donate?

Whether you make a one-time donation or sign up for monthly contributions, your contribution goes a long way in making a positive impact. If your donation comes in before we have a project ready, your funds are simply held in our account until we identify our next project. Throughout the course of the project, you will be given updates via email regarding said project as well as the progress being made and the community being empowered.